What To Do As Leader If You Lose Control Of Your Staff

Question: I am a sales manager for a business services firm in Minneapolis. I am responsible for all new business revenue for my company and I have 5 sales people that work for me. Of the 5 sales people only one is a star performer. The issue I am having is he breaks all the rules and creates really bad relationships with all the other people in the company. I am on the senior team and the rest of them are angry that this keeps happening. While I don’t like to hear the comments from the senior team, I am aware that I cannot make my numbers goals and the company can’t make there’s for the year without him. What do I do?

Answer: I call this a terrorist! A terrorist is someone who knows what they have on you and they use it to hold you and everyone else in the company hostage to their behavior. I like to take my clients through an exercise of understanding the Goal, Position, and Strategy Questions to determine what actions need to be done.

The first question I ask is, “What is the goal around the problem?” This is to ensure that we are aiming at the right issue. What I invite my clients to do is to first reflect on the organization’s overall goal. Then link that to the current situation. This way what ever you do, you will be in total alignment with what is best for the business overall.

In this situation you have identified the fact that in order to make your business unit’s goals and the company’s, you need this employee. That is a big step and oftentimes leaders become so emotionally charged by such situations they act before they consider the goals and objectives of the company or the department. I commend you for your forethought. Typically leaders who do this are considered high in emotional intelligence. This has been shown to be one of the key components in assessing one’s long term success in their career.

The next step is to understand the position you and your company are in. Elevate to 50,000 foot level to see the whole situation. Go beyond yourself and ask, “How did this begin to happen? Sometimes we might find the root cause built into the culture of the organization. Is this type of behavior is tolerated here?

In the case of Enron when the CEO learned that two of the traders were stealing from the company he did nothing and then soon after said, ‘keep making us money.’ What they were stealing was minor compared to what they were making the company. He knew that if he took action, he would stop his revenue machine that he needed because it was his end goal. It also gave permission to the others that if they were that good at making money for the company they could steal from the company as well. It was the outcome they got, should not have been a surprise. This is the extreme case of the terrorist working for the company – and it was exaggerated by a lack of moral compass by the leadership. In the case you present, it is apparent that this behavior is contrary to what the leadership tolerates is searching for from a behavior.

Once you go up to the 50,000 foot level and see if the company has had complicity in the situation, then it is good to come down to 10,000 foot perspective and see if “you” have complicity in the situation. To be frank, and I hate doing this in a column where I can’t ask qualifying questions, but it is hard to imagine that you did not allow this to happen. It is not about absolving the terrorist from his behavior because that is wrong, however, if you had stopped the behavior cold, this would never have happened. I say this because the solution, whatever one you choose, will need to involve your being mentored or coached into creating boundaries for your team. Without these boundaries you will be faced with this issue again.

The third part of our position investigation is to go to ground level – the situation itself. When we find ourselves in this type of situation with an employee we only have two choices, we can either fire or teach. If an employee makes a mistake, it is because we did not teach them correctly or because they are not capable to do the function. Ask three questions to determine what choice to make. The first, is the employee capable of learning? Secondly, does the organization or I have the time and resources available to train this employee? Lastly, is this employee motivated to learn and change? If you answer anyone of of these questions is NO, the decision is chosen, you need to let this person go. The decision is, as Donald Trump would say, You’re Fired!

It is unclear from your description if the employee has the capacity to change behavior, so I will assume that he is rather good at what he does for your organization and likely has the ability to change. It is clear that for your number one producer you should have the resources and time to help him come into alignment with the company. The bigger issue is that of motivation. Often times a terrorist does not feel the threat of what can happen to them if they don’t start falling in to line. They have become fat, and happy and arrogant! This arrogance is what blocks their ability to realize that they need to change. The company has reached a point where it can no longer tolerate this kind of behavior.

Unlike Donald’s TV Drama we live in the real world, and just letting him go is not a great first choice given the company’s dependence on his revenue.

In almost all other circumstances the move would surely be to fire, but because this employee mean so much to the organizations health as far as revenue.

The last part of understanding our position is to understand whose decision is it to make, and what needs to be done. If the consequences of your actions will compromise the strategic direction of the company, I would invite you to consider involving the senior team and that the responsibility is yours to deal with it, and the final decision may actually be the team’s or the CEO’s call, given its importance to the organization.

This is truly a strategic decision then, it is not simply letting one person go, it is letting many people go, if one presumes in a service firm, lower revenue means fewer employees needed to service the customers.

At this point I would coach you to have a conversation with your CEO and the rest of the strategic team and tell them the steps that you are considering and ask these strategic questions: At what point as an organization are we willing to take a principled stance on the issue over that of revenue? Are we clear what the outcome of this will be to our other employees? Will we need to do cost cutting to compensate for this move? What will the industry see from losing our most talented sales person? Will he go work for our competition? What impact will that have on your company? By working through these strategic issues as an organization and lifting this issue to its proper place the senior team – you will be aligning everyone to be part of the process and stop complaining about it.

By going through these questions the conclusion you may arrive at the end of this process is that you use a three pronged approach to dealing with this situation. Executing three plans simultaneously.

Plan “A” You will need to continue coaching the employee towards the behavior that is in alignment with the firm’s values, beliefs, and rules.

Plan “B”, at the same time I would highly recommend moving the rest of the sales team to a higher level to loose your dependence on this terrorist, and operationalize Plan “C” and start the recruiting process for the possible if not probable replacement of the employee.

It is important that the others on the senior team and your sales team know that you are coaching this employee in these areas of behavior and that it is not sitting OK with you. But no more information than that – it is inappropriate to say more than that in a public setting. It will build your credibility as a leader and not allow one persons behavior sink the culture the company wants to build.
By: Boyce Gomez

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Why Lead Management Is Important

It is often said that leads are money but if we see it closely then we have to say that lead is money while managed. This is the point from where the utility of lead management is plunged into the process of effective and articulate business administration.

Lead management is not a single process as suggested by the name; it is a complete result of some effective interrelated processes. The processes are lead generating, lead filtration, lead tracking, and lead nurturing, which develop a complete plan of lead management. As these inter processes vary from one company to other lead management, although maintain one goal i.e. development and growth of company, abruptly differs from one unit to other.

Nowadays web presence is an essential part of business growth. In comparison to other media exposures web exposure proves more subtly fruitful as it fetches direct and indirect benefits within a short span of time. While assertion of web presence helps to cater the business image with a better and modern approach, generation of internet leads is the passive benefit of web presence. Insurance leads, debt settlement leads get widely generated from Internet advertising.

Insurance providers, retail banking product marketers bank more on internet leads for their business expansion. It is said that insurance leads from Internet are of better quality and turns into prosperous leads because in most of the cases these leads are generated by intended customers according to their personal requirement. Apart from internet leads, leads can be generated from other sources like promotional shows, referral leads, and by online and offline mailing process.

Apart from lead filtration, lead tracking is one of the most significant steps of lead management. Lead nurturing is one of the allied processes of lead management which is close to lead tracking. While lead tracking keeps track with leads’ latest condition and status; on the other hand, lead nurturing takes active role in keeping the prospective leads alive and promotes different interactive measures to inform prospective clients updated about the new development of the company and their product profile as often happens with debt settlement leads.

This process of lead management is really assertive and brings benefits for long-term business foundation of the concern because lead nurturing process prevents leads from getting lost, which is relevant for insurance leads. Therefore when the leads get hot, it is the long-term relationship of the service provider the leads turns into sales prospect as a result of this long term nurturing process.

Lead nurturing process can be mostly significant for insurance leads and debt settlement leads. Especially, if you are using any pre-existing customer database for lead generation, lead nurturing may generate good result and help in turning the leads into hot prospects; if not instantly, but in close future.

Lead management is a supportive process to sales and marketing plan of a company. In fact it is the first step of effective and quality sales. Therefore it is important to know that the efficiency of lead management process can only maintain a steady flow of sales and rolling of revenue in the sales process and lead a business unit toward optimum development and flourishment.
By: Anne Pastor Cissel

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Himfr.com Reports Tcl Communication Headhunt Taiwan Panel Makers Chi Mei Optoelectronics 100 Enginee

According to Taiwan media reports, the mainland’s largest TV maker TCL, one of Taiwan’s Chi Mei Optoelectronics came to lure them away over a hundred engineers, will be built in Shenzhen, 8.5-generation panel plant, off the cross-strait war panel supply chain.

China color TV manufacturers to actively extend the reach upstream of the panel, directly with AU Optronics, Chi Mei Optoelectronics confrontation, Taiwan and technical personnel who already had become a priority target, the two sides of a flat panel industry to get people started World War II. However, there are also different rumors on the market may be the Shenzhen Municipal Government to rope in TCL with the Chi Mei Optoelectronics cooperation, investment prelude to a new generation panel plant.

It is said, TCL Group, Chi Mei Optoelectronics has dug more than 100 people in preparation for construction of 8.5-generation panel plant in Shenzhen, hired away from other staff, including the former CMO LCD TV panel undertaking the Director of General Office, General Chen Liyi, LCD TV Business Unit Technical Director Cheng-Rong et al. TCL Group Chairman Li Dongsheng TCL LCD in the middle of September 3 Industrial Park groundbreaking ceremony, pointed out that the group would go upstream, that is, panel front-end development, and therefore people will start digging war.

Chi Mei Optoelectronics spokesman Steven Chen, yesterday stressed there was no unusual movement of the recent situation, the rumors not true. However, market participants pointed out that the original charge of CMO in China Chen Liyi TV panel business, has recently left switched to TCL.

TCL is one of the mainland’s largest color TV manufacturer, LCD TV shipments this year will reach 7.5 million to 8 million units next year will increase to 1,200 million to 1,300 million units, will expand on the procurement of AUO and Chi Mei Optoelectronics of Taiwan’s surface board manufacturers key customers. Once the TCL set up its own panel makers, the future may be reduced to the Taiwan panel makers purchases.
By: Angel zhang

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The Five By Five Storage Unit

A Five by Five self storage unit with an eight foot ceiling is always in high demand at any self storage facility. It is an enormously popular size because the smaller square footage keeps the price down, and the tall ceiling accommodates a wide variety of storage needs. A 5×5 self storage unit works extremely well for people storing items from their home, their garage or their business.

Apartment renters often think of their 5×5 self storage unit as just an extra closet in their home. They often say that if their small living quarters had just a little more space, then it would be a perfect place to live. But a larger apartment can cost a great deal more money in rent. Not to mention the added expenses of deposits, movers, a rental truck, and so on. It costs much less money to live in the almost-perfect apartment and just rent a 5×5 self storage unit.

Seasonal items are an excellent example of something commonly stored in a 5×5 self storage unit. Winter clothing is packed up in the springtime and put into large plastic containers. These bins store bulky winter sweaters and coats very well and they are made to easily stack on top of each other. During autumn, the process is reversed. Summertime clothing, pool toys, and lawn mowers are stowed away in the 5×5 self storage unit until the following spring.

Christmas decorations are frequently put in a 5×5 self storage unit. People who love to deck the halls during the holiday season also usually enjoy finding bargains at the day after Christmas sales. A 5×5 self storage unit is able to hold a large amount of boxes full of ornaments, blow-up snowmen, artificial trees, and the list goes on.

Having a new baby takes a lot of just plain stuff. There is the basinet, the crib, the changing table and the infant car seat. By itself, no one item is very gigantic, but put all together it can take up a great deal of space. This is why parents planning to have more children in the future rent a 5×5 self storage unit. It can temporarily hold all of the necessities until a younger sibling comes along, or until a larger home can be moved into.

Because it is narrow but fairly tall, a 5×5 self storage unit works great for storing sports equipment. Skis, surf boards, canoes, bicycles, free weights, golf clubs, camping gear, they will all fit into a 5×5 self storage unit very nicely.

Businesses and their employees also find a 5×5 self storage unit to be the perfect solution for their storage problem. Companies are able to store files and other records in the area. Renting a 5×5 self storage unit is far more cost effective than getting additional office space.

Mechanics often spend a great deal of money on their tools, which is their stock in trade. Having a secure place to keep their investment is very important. A 5×5 self storage unit works very well for a grease monkey, whether they are a professional or just a weekend tinkerer.

Pharmaceutical representatives frequently use a 5×5 self storage unit for their samples and displays. Spouses often do not want these work related items piling up in the home or the garage.

The 5×5 self storage unit is an extremely multipurpose sized storage space. Thinking vertical and stacking things upwards makes this unit very popular amongst a wide range of people.
By: Self-Storage-Owner

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